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Emissions Reporting & Reduction Strategies

Let us help you through the complexities of emissions reporting, whether that be for regulatory purposes, sustainability reporting, or to support your products in the marketplace. Common questions are:
   · what do I need to report?
   · am I reporting company emissions or a product footprint
   · do I include Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions?, and
   · how do I present the results in a clear and meaningful manner?
Millbridge Consulting has experience in all these issues and particularly as applied to food processing businesses.  We can design and help you set up data capture systems to gather the source data and then assist in bringing it together in a suitable reporting format.

Measuring and reporting emissions is not enough on its own as customers and governments are increasingly expecting to see plans for reducing emissions footprints and for progress against those targets to be published.  Let us also help with the development of scenarios and reduction strategies.  Contact us now

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