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Energy Management for Process Industries

Any energy use over the minimum necessary in an operation is a wasteful use of a finite resource and an unnecessary cost to the business. Improving energy efficiency is also one of the cheapest ways to reduce your emissions footprint. We bring a full range of skills and tools to assist you with a structured energy management approach where you decide the speed and rate of expenditure that suits your business. Typical elements include:

   ·  on-site energy assessments to understand how and where energy is used,
   ·  a thorough review of the process (demand side) as well as the utilities (supply side)
   ·  capture of all energy-related information in an Energy Log for quick reference,
   ·  development of a prioritised portfolio of energy savings ideas,
   ·  setting up of appropriate energy reporting and targeting systems, and
   ·  working alongside in-house resources bringing specialist advice and assistance.
Our primary strength is in the food processing sector, and dairy processing in particular.

Jim Miller's expertise as an auditor is recognised by the Energy Management Association Incorporated (EMANZ) and Jim is an EnergyMastersTM Auditor


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